Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 2016

It's been quite long that I didn't post anything here. It's good to have some kind of diary so that I could review and recall what had happened in the past. I have gone through all the previous posts. I am sure that I am getting better each and every day. 
All the while, I have been doing or working hard in order to get what I want in return. Sometime, things just don't go in the way I wish. People says when you want something so much, just think about it and pray positively because there is law of attraction. I tried, I always try. After a lot of trial, I start to disbelieve this attraction and would rather believe in myself as I know that it doesn't work so well on me. 
In these few years time, I become more understanding. I love my closed one because they are the one who shower me with patience and care. I love knowledge so I won't stop studying and learning. The more I study and learn the more I feel how tiny I actually am. So much more for me to discover. I love working but I don't like to work with bunch of people who is not like-minded. So, looking for liked-minded people is not easy. I appreciate when I found them.  
After so many years, I think I become less expressive. I think I prefer to keep things to myself or just share with my closest one than putting it up in social blog. LOL~ 
It may not be a good whole year of 2016. I might have bad days more than good one, but they teach me something... 

To be continued~ 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

happy birthday to me :)

one year has gone. i have been ended my study for one year already. its fast. and i have done nothing much. but what i have gained for this whole year is, my tear of happiness is more than my tears of sadness. working doesn't sound fun for me, at this moment. haha, ok, one year time is up :P.

at last, let the past faded and go ahead with new life.
expect less. demand less
give more love to people whom you love
contribute more to the team that you want to work with
move it move it, move my butts and life live healthy and happily. 

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